Thursday, April 22, 2010

Austin Traffic for iPad in the works

Lately we've been working on an iPad version of our Austin Traffic iPhone app. It's been a lot of fun as the larger screen size and new user interface elements has made us rethink how we can present the traffic information to you. Most of the functionality is in place now so we're fixing bugs and refining the look.

The app will be shipped as a Universal binary so it will work on iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches. It is also just a regular upgrade so if you already bought Austin Traffic, you'll get this new version 3 for free. We also have a brand new icon designed by Trevor Lemoine which looks great.

It will require you to have iPhone OS 3.0 or later installed. Most of our users are already set (our server logs show less than 1% are still using an earlier version). Speaking of server logs, we are collecting anonymous data from your devices to help us make our product better (for more information see section "b. Consent to Use of Data" of the iTunes Store LICENSED APPLICATION END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT). Austin Traffic version 3 will contain our privacy policy for you to read just to make you aware of this.

Based on the past week, quite a lot of Austin Traffic users have the iPhone 3GS model (about 62%) and the majority of the rest have the iPhone 3G (about 32%). There have been some iPad users but not too many yet. Hopefully that will change before too long because the app is amazing on the iPad. One more data point we'd like to share with you is a graph of when people are using the app. Understandably, the peaks are at the morning and evening rush hours.

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