Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sharpshooter 1.1b1 supports Snow Leopard

Late yesterday night we released a beta build of the upcoming version of Sharpshooter. We are still reworking some parts of the user interface but decided that there are probably enough users out there with early copies of Apple's new Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard that we should make a compatible build available. Apple has published that Snow Leopard is coming September 2009 but we don't have an exact date yet.

We can't get into specifics about what is in Snow Leopard, but there are some changes which broke Sharpshooter's main functionality of intercepting the screenshots that you take. It isn't Apple's fault that this happened. They are free to make any changes they want with new OS releases. The incompatibility stems from how Sharpshooter works to recognize that a screenshot has been taken. This has been addressed and fixed with the 1.1b1 build.

This release comes with a mostly unchanged UI. We did remove the preference to have the Rename button enabled even if you haven't made changes to the name/location/format. This would let you hit return to dismiss the window, essentially the same thing you can do by either hitting Command-W or the escape key. We also incorporated several private changes that had been given out to a few customers such as additional support for Catalan, Czech, Greek, and Polish languages. Since Snow Leopard comes with nearly all of the system applications rewritten in 64-bit code, we did the same with Sharpshooter.

We are interested in hearing if you have any problems with this new build which can be downloaded here. There is a fully functional 30-day trial period.