Saturday, August 30, 2008

Austin Traffic updated

My Austin Traffic iPhone web app just received its first major update. There were really just two changes:

  • Traffic incident types are now shown at the beginning of the table items and drawn in red.

  • Now uses proper capitalization instead of everything being lowercase. This was change was pretty easy to add thanks to John Gruber sharing his title-casing script and Adam Nolley porting it to PHP.

I know there are bugs with some street names (e.g. McNeil) but those can easily be fixed once I know about them. Don't be afraid to send in bug reports to

Next up on my plate for Austin Traffic is to show the incident times and optimize it more for even faster loading over EDGE while you're sitting in traffic on Mopac or I-35. I still need to investigate the optimizations but already have several pointers and thoughts on how to achieve them.

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